Legalization of the rent belly?

Hello girls!
As most of you will know in Spain, it is illegal to rent a belly r, however it is legal in Canada, the UK, the United States, Belgium, Germany, France, Georgia, Ukraine, Brazil and India.
It has been a long time since surrogate pregnancy came to our ears in large part by the celebrities who made their dream of becoming parents come true like Miguel Bosé, Ricky Martin, Baroness Tissen, Nicole Kidman ...
But the reality is that many anonymous people also have their children like that, all you have to do is type in google "surrogate motherhood" and you will see all the links that come out offering these services. (most are intermediaries)
A rental belly costs between 80,000 and 200,000 euros, figures that most people can not afford therefore we are as always. The rich can have almost everything and the others to fuck ...
To avoid economic discrimination there is a citizen platform that is collecting signatures to be legalized , you need 500,000 signatures for the initiative to prosper, you can find all the information here
My opinion is that they should legalize it as long as it is well supervised and monitored, what is the difference between having it in the US and Spain? ahh if the money always.
If I put myself in the part of who has the baby for 9 months that you want me to tell you, I would not be able to give it for 200,000 euros or for 1 million euros.
But there are people who are perhaps more open-minded than me, because they do a great favor and they earn money.
And if I go for the other part, then if you can not have a child and you can have it like that, why not? They make their dreams come true and do no harm to anyone.
And are you in favor of or against the rented belly r?