How to put twitter in blogger

Hello girls!
Today I bring you 2 tutorials the first one is to put twitter in blogger , you just have to enter on twitter> configuration> widgets here we give you to create new in the case that we do not have any:

Now we just have to configure it to our liking, we give a widget and copy the code in our blog:

If you followed the tutorial the other day, you can find it on the "tricks for blogger" page and we will have facebook and twitter on the blog, but I do not know if it would happen to you that to me I have a hard time writing in both places when I'm practically going to put the same, so today I bring you another tutorial of how to connect twitter and facebook.
We have to enter here give you to link my profile to twitter, we authorize twitter and go! this does not work for facebook fan pages that I'll explain another day!

What do you think these tutorials for bloggers ?