Tips and tricks to be a good blogger (Part Two)

Hello girls!

Today I come with the second post of How to have a good blog !! (beware that this does not mean that mine it is) you can see the first one HERE.
1. Keep in touch with your followers , one of the things that surprised me a lot when I get here is that there is a blogger for me who has it too high ... never answer the comments! it does not matter if you ask them something or not ... very bad apart from a lack of respect towards your followers, they are supposed to read you for something.

2. Modify the text of "more information"

We are going to design and in blog entries we give to edit

We will get this tab, we change the "more information" we put what we want , save and ready.

3. Write about something you like , when we talk about something we're not passionate about, it shows.
4. Be yourself writing , the copy and paste is noticeable! not everyone writes the same.
5. Do not make a blog to earn money do it because you like it, if you do it to earn money you will last very little, because those of us who have been here for a long time know that it is a bit impossible mission. Some people get it and ole for them !! Make money doing something that you really like must be wonderful!
6. Most blogs are abandoned at 3 months the reason? most expect to receive many comments and visits and that does not happen if you do nothing. You can not write and wait for them to arrive to your blog by magic! the other bloggers are not your competition ... they can be your friends.
7. Do not comment with the "Follow me and I follow you" seriously? small m ............ if you like my blog follow me if I like yours and I will follow you but do not blackmail with him if you follow me I follow you and if not, then no.
8 . Do not write with spelling errors , I will not be the one with you because I'm the first to "screw up" but whenever they correct me I accept it with good pleasure and I assure you that lack I do not repeat the spelling, another surely, but not that one.
Do you follow any of these tips or tricks to be a good blogger ? Kisses